You might go to a solicitor when you have a claim against someone else, but be careful with whom you contact, because you do not want to end up making claims against the solicitor too. Solicitor professional negligence claims are on the rise. The primary reason is the abundance of solicitors who do not take the profession seriously and are often careless in performing their duties. Solicitors part of a law firm are always kept accountable by the firm and therefore, very rarely do they make negligent mistakes. However, negligence is still possible and therefore, if you have been a victim of a solicitor’s professional negligence, you should not waste time and be brave to contact a professional and better law firm to make your solicitor professional negligence claims. For information visit Been Let Down.

The problem with negligence claims in general and solicitor professional negligence claims in particular that they are very difficult to prove. Different law firms often keep separate departments for differnet types of matters however, usually they do not have a separate department of cases of solicitor’s professional negligence. Similarly, very rarely would you find a law book on solicitor’s professional negligence. That is why, the idea of taking your solicitor in a court of law and making a claim of professional negligence against him seems very rare and impossible. However, the good news for you is that it is definitely not impossible, though rare.

The first thing you need to do in such a situation is contact a professional law firm or a solicitor directly and explain to them the whole situation with whatever evidence you have on the

The solicitor professional negligence claims could be of many different types. It could be on the grounds that the solicitor did not give due attention to your case preparation. For example, the solicitor might have busied him or herself with another case and have put aside your case which might have hurt your arguments in the court.

Similarly, it could also be on the grounds that you might have provided your solicitor with some important evidence that could have made your case very strong, however, the lawyer might have intentionally or unintentionally overlooked the importance of that evidence and that might have cost you the whole case.

Furthermore, another type of solicitor professional negligence claims could be based on the grounds that your solicitor might have failed to take preventive measures for keeping the evidence and the witnesses safe and secure and available to be shown to the

In the worst case scenario, in the middle of your case, your solicitor could have gone sympathetic to your opponent. These are only some of the types of negligence that a solicitor could have shown. There could be many more examples too. This is why it is important that as soon as you come to the realization that you lost your case because of your solicitor’s professional negligence, you should get in touch with another professional lawyer and get their help in making claims against your previous lawyer.

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