Reddit is a place where people used to ask questions and solution for their troubles. However, it is not a forum built for any authoritative legal aid or advice. Thus, finding solutions there itself is a huge way of getting yourself trapped into the troubles. We have seen several cases where people went to the Reddit for seeking advice and as a result, they lost their case by following the advice being delivered to them. Reddit is a place where people can hang around and discuss whatever they want. We can also call it an improved form of forums. However, it does not and cannot be an alternative of a tax professional or a healthcare provider.

Let Us Tell You a Story
As we have mentioned above, many lost their cases merely because they followed the “non” professional pieces of advice that they met through Reddit. In one such case a person received a damage of several thousand pounds and in addition, he also was charged with several other offenses like, “misuse of the process” and also for “attempting to prevent the way of Justice”. Now let us tell you the story and obviously we are not going to share the exact name and person of the principal character of this story. It all happened with an individual who was having troubles with his marriage. After he posted a quarry on the Reddit about best divorce attorney he received several colorful replies each from a so called and self-acclaimed “expert” on these issues. The advice that this man chose to move ahead was,

      The Advice
“You don’t need to hire a divorce attorney. Just go out and discuss your cases with almost every such attorney operating around. In this way you can prevent your ex and her father from hiring one as well. Because, (according to the advisor) due to the conflict of interests no such attorney will get able to take her case as it will be an illegal kind of thing for him or her”

    The Reaction
Our central character of this story thought it to be a superb idea and went out to meet each of the top attorneys available throughout the town. He met two dozen divorce lawyers and discussed his case with them.

  The Climax
Anyone with a basic understanding of the law can easily anticipate what would have happened. And yes! It is right what you are thinking. Out great “Superman” who tried to take uncontrollable things under his control found himself screwed badly. He was running short of the money so never managed to hire an attorney however his ex and her father managed to borrow one. Eventually, they found all the truth and thus he was fined and charged on multiple grounds as we have mentioned above

The End / Conclusion
This story is a classic example and has a lot of learning in it. Conclusively speaking, you should never try to tweak with the stuff you are not well aware of. In addition to this, you should not take up your personal legal matters to find a piece of advice on forums like Reddit!

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